Marketing and Advertising for Small Business

Thank you for attending my seminar: Marketing and Advertising for Small Business!

This is a resource page for attendees of Marketing and Advertising for Small Business:

Books mentioned:

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins

One of the classic books on advertising and copywriting. Many of the advertising greats list this book as a reference. A bit dates, but great information.  Although you can buy this one, it is available as a free download from many sources. A Google search should be able to find it.

2. How To Sell Anything to Anybody by Joe Girard

This is a book about a car salesman, but some of the tips and how he approaches selling is useful if not interesting!

Other books of interest:

Almost anything by Dan Kennedy. As you can tell from the titles, they're a little over the top, a little braggy and self-promotional, but once you get past that, there is some good information in there. Ones that would be worth reading based on the topic of the presentation include:

  • The Ultimate Marketing Plan: Target Your Audience! Get Out Your Message! Build Your Brand!
  • No B.S. Direct Marketing: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Direct Marketing For Non-Direct Marketing Businesses
  • No B.S. Grassroots Marketing: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Guide to Growing Sales and Profits of Local Small Businesses
  • No B.S. Ruthless Management of People & Profits: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Guide to Really Getting Rich

If you can find it, there is a classic advertising book by Eugene M. Schwartz titles: Breakthrough Advertising.

Another great old advertising book is Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples.

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